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Welcome to the New Albany School of Ballet & Dance Arts.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to teach your child. I am getting to know each of them better and I can already tell it is going to be a fun year. Each and every girl seems to have a desire to work hard and learn, and a willingness to learn makes all the difference.

Since we are now past the initial adjustment period, and the girls are getting used to me, and my expectations in class, we need to get into our normal routine. To help with that, I am going to recap the studio rules and policies so that everyone is aware of what it takes to make each class and every student successful.
Dress Code Policy

For Ballet class
1. Solid color leotard
2. Theatrical pink tights
3. Pink ballet shoes
4. Hair in a bun, clip or worn up
5. Skirt optional, worn in center floor
6. No panties worn under tights
& leotards
7. Must take 2 ballet classes per week to   
be eligible to dance on pointe.  

For Tap class
1. Solid color leotard
2. Theatrical pink tights
3. Black tap shoes
4. Hair in clip or ponytail
5. No panties worn under tights
& leotards

For Jazz or Competitive Dance class
1. Solid color leotard or unitard
2. Jazz or dance pants or tights
3. Jazz shoes or pink ballet shoes
4. Hair in clip or ponytail
5. No panties worn under tights
& leotards

For Stretch and Tone class
1. Solid color leotard or unitard or
small t-shirt
2. Stretch pants or shorts
3. Jazz shoes, ballet shoes or tennis shoes
4. It is preferred that hair is worn up
5. No panties worn under tights
& leotards

Please note, preferred dancewear is also available for purchase at the studio.

Tuition & missed class policy:

1. Tuition is due the first day of the month & no later than the first lesson of the month.
2. No deduction in tuition will be given for missed classes, however if you choose so you may take a make up lesson by coming to a seperate, regularly scheduled class.

Thanks in advance for your help enforcing the following rules:

1. No one except students allowed inside the studio during class time. (It is necessary that the students feel comfortable to learn and it is very distracting to them to have visitors coming in and out all during the lesson time.) I understand that you may want to check on your child's progress prior to the recital, if you so desire you may enter during the last 5 minutes of class to see how things are going.

2. No food, drink, gum or candy allowed inside the studio.

3. Dress code must be observed at all times. (This is necessary so that I can make sure that your child is learning all the movements correctly. Also, failure to use correct footwear could result in injury.) All classes require a solid colored leotard, pink tights, and dance shoes. Hair must be up.

4. Tuition is due no later than the 1st lesson of the month. (After the 2nd lesson of the month a $10 late fee will be assessed.)

5. We follow the school schedule with holidays. (These holidays are built in to the tuition schedule and will not be made up. Tuition remains the same during holidays. )

6. Additional classes will be scheduled around recital time. (No additional charge for these extra rehearsals)

7. Missed classes due to illness or special circumstances can be made up. (Ask Justine for make-up times as needed.)

8. Students should arrive for class no earlier than 20 minutes ahead of schedule. (If your class is immediately after another class be respectful of their time. Quietly enter at the back of the dance floor, change clothes and sit and stretch until time for your class.)

9. Students must take at least two ballet classes per week to be eligible to dance on pointe.

10. Please check the website calendar monthly for any news. We will also be adding pictures and press articles to the website:

11. Important phone numbers:
Studio (662)539-6010
Cell (662)266-0500

12. Costume Deposits/Fees & Registration Fees are Non Refundable. All Costume Deposits/Fees & Registration Fees due dates will be posted on the website or facebook.


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